Arkansas River Valley

Visitor Tips

Here are some visitor guidelines to make your stay in the mountain climate more enjoyable.

• Weather can change dramatically during a summer day in the mountains. Be prepared, make sure someone knows where you are and stay within your limitations.

• Drink plenty of water. Along with the dry climate, the altitude in Chaffee County ranges from 7,000 to more than 14,000 feet. At these elevations the sun is intense, so make sure to apply sunscreen, especially on the little ones.

• Drive on and off-road vehicles responsibly. Stay on designated roads. Obey posted signs and follow the rules for specific areas. Closed areas are closed for a reason, so please respect all closures.

• Leave it like you found it. Please remove all evidence of your stays on public lands and in wilderness areas so others can find them as beautiful as you did. Keep these mountains and rivers pristine.

• Respect others. Whether you are on a bike, horseback, motorized vehicle, skis, snowshoes or on foot, remember to share Chaffee County with others by driving safely, minimizing noise and keeping pets under control.

• Private property is private. Legal access may be required in certain areas, so make sure you know where you want to go and that you have proper access.

• Leave wildlife alone. They are wild, so please don’t feed them or let pets chase them; enjoy from a distance.

For more information check with the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Colorado State Forest Service and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.

Emergency: 911
Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center:
719-530-2200; Emergency room: 719-530-2250
Road Conditions:
719-539-6688 or CDOT Website:
U.S. Forest Service, Salida:
719-539-3591 or Online;
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area;
719-539-7289 or online;
Central Colorado Avalanche Information Hotline:
Salida Chamber:
719-539-2068 or online;
Buena Vista Chamber:
719-395-6612 or online;
Chaffee County Visitor’s Bureau:
800-831-8594 or online;

Courtesy of Chaffee County Visitors Bureau.
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