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The Go To Guide phone books proudly showcase local photographers. Our phone books stand above the rest thanks to the creative eye of these contributing photographers. They are excellent to work with and we highly recommend them for any projects you may have.


Allan Ivy: Allanivy.com

Allan Ivy photography

Allan Ivy, photographer

I was born and raised on a cattle ranch in South Africa. Went to college in Pretoria and studied Chemistry, Physical Metallurgy and Plastics Technology. Photography has been an incredible journey for me, I got my first camera on my 21st birthday. Shortly after that I spent a year working for a Professional Photographer in Pietermaritzburg.

Francie and I got married the same year and in 1985 we took off on an extended honeymoon spending 6 months hitch hiking through Europe before flying to the States where we bought a 73 VW Beetle and traveled for another six months through 41 States covering 36000 miles.

I carried 32 pounds of camera gear and took thousands of photos in both 35mm and 4×5 inch which I developed in converted bathrooms along the way. We returned to the family ranch where we bred Bonsmara cattle and expanded the family business.

In 1999 our ranch was expropriated by the Government and we moved to the UK were we started a chain of fast food stores selling traditional savory pies. Since then we have traveled and photographed at every opportunity.

We are now based in Gunnison Colorado where we have established an RV Resort, Photographic Gallery and a venue to conduct Photographic Workshops. We are planning a busy workshop schedule for the summer and hope to extend it through the fall and winter.

All printing, matting and framing is carried out in house by Francie and I giving us complete control over the final photograph and ensuring that each photo is unique.


Joe Zinn: www.zinnphotography.com


To see more of Joe Zinn’s work, check out his website at: www.zinnphotography.com or call him at 719.850.1526

I have been a professional photographer and have earned all or part of my income from my photography since 1979.

My skills during the course of my career have included portrait/studio photography, commercial photography, photo-journalism, nature/wildlife photography as well as Fine Art photography.

In the last 10 years some of my clients have included; Sun Edison, the New Mexico Board of Tourism, Colorado Potato Growers Association, Conoco Phillips, Visa, Whisper Walls, Duke University, Valley Wide Health Services, and the City of Monterey, CA.

My work has been used in conservation efforts worldwide as well as the discussion of environmental issues in lectures provided to the United States House of Representatives.

In recent years my work has been published in several publications, more notably; The Washington Post, The Denver Post, Colorado Outdoors, Arizona Highways, and both High Country and Nature magazines.

I continue to generate 100% of my income through my work as well as teaching workshops and providing seminars to aspiring photographers.


Dave Kozlowski: www.davekozlowski.com

I grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY and spent most weekends in Ellicottvile, NY, the charming East coast ski town. My father loved photography and his passion influenced me heavily. I never really focused on photography until recently when a great friend encouraged me. I thank her for this push, now it has invigorated me to get out there and capture the moments.

I love seeing nature in all it’s beauty, I just hope I capture it accordingly.


Matt Berglund: www.itsaberglund.com

Matt Berglund Photography

Matt Berglund, photographer

A long time resident of Crested Butte, Matt has a strong passion for the outdoors.  Utilizing a combination of snowboarding, backpacking, and fishing, he is constantly heading into the outdoors with his camera.  Spending time in the mountains his entire life has helped shape his eye to capture these dramatic images .  As a photographer, he strives to convey the emotions and feelings that are inherently part of the photo.

In the heart of the West Elk Mountains, Matt has a great locale for capturing nature’s beauty in all seasons. Inspired by years of backcountry snowboarding and backpacking in the high alpine around Colorado, he has developed an enthusiasm to showcase this beauty in his landscape photography.  Armed with a camera, tripod, and an eye for the sublime, he ventures out into woods.





Michael Underwood: www.michaelunderwoodphotography.com

Michael is a 23 year old photographer from North Carolina currently living in the town of Lake City, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.


Matt Burt: MattB.net

Matt Burt Photographer

Matt Burt, photographer

Matt Burt has been living in and making images of the Gunnison Valley and surrounding areas since 1989 when he moved from Michigan to attend WSC. He is a regular contributor to the Gunnison Country Times, Gunnison Valley Journal, Crested Butte Land Trust Calendar, and other publications. His work can be seen at the Gunnison Gallery in Gunnison or the Alpenglow gallery in Mt. Crested Butte.

Originally a painter, he has embraced digital photography for the portability and high quality instant capture modern camera technology enables. Matt does work on various photography projects both personal and commercial and can be reached on the web at mattb.net.






Reb Babcock: RebBabcock.com

Reb Babcock photography

Reb Babcock, photographer

Reb has lived in the American west since 1978, moving from Illinois to answer the call of the mountains he remembered from his early childhood in Colorado. He took up photography as a hobby in the early 1980’s as a way to combine his natural creativity with his passion for the natural world. His connection to the earth is vividly illustrated in his photographs, which are bold, dramatic testimonials to the beauty of the landscapes and wildlife that inhabit our world.

In his images, Reb searches for the fleeting moments where light and unique atmospheric conditions combine with the landscape to create an unforgettable moment in time. It is his wish that these frozen instants evoke a sense of wonder in the viewer’s eye and encourage the observer to protect and preserve wild places, and their inhabitants, for future generations.
Reb and his wife, Romain, live in Buena Vista, Colorado, under the high peaks of the continental divide.





Tammie Hesse: Art Matters Gallery

Painting by Tammie Hess

Painting by Tammie Hesse

Tammie Hesse grew into the landscape and floral colors she painted by several means. She played in her parent’s huge gardens with the deeppurples of it’s shade trees, the bright, warm reds of it’s tomatoes and poppies, and ten or more varieties of multiple-colored irises. She grasped her love of color early on with bright crayons, watercolor tins and chalks – through many hot summers under those trees or at the kitchen table during cold winter days.

She now takes her love of the outdoors to share this joy with others. Visualzing pink sunrise covered peaks, water tumbling through and reflecting mages on the Arkansas River, or sunshine flooding through aspens, she splashes their moving colors on canvas with big, acrylic brush strokes.





Jody Johnson: Alamosa, Colorado

Jody Johnson, photographer

Jody Johnson, photographer

Jody was born and raised in the many spectacular National Parks of this country. Her father was a National Park Service Ranger for 22 years. Her appreciation and love for the outdoors started at an early age thanks to her upbrining.

After 18 years of traveling Europe, Hawaii and this country while in the United States Air Force, she has settled in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. Jody is married to a cattle rancher and works for the Department of Homeland Security. She has 3 grown daughters from a previous marriage and recently blessed with two grand daughters.

Six years ago she and her husband were blessed with a son who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. This encouraged her to capture the moments of his life on film. She purchased her first digital camera and began doing just that. She soon turned the camera from her son, to the world around her. After seeing the beauty of the valley she lives in, she wanted to share it with family, friends and strangers around her.

Her work has been published in several magazines, Colorado Central and numerous times as the cover shot for The Fencepost, also chosen was a particular shot for not only the cover of her local library’s poetry book, but for a trail head sign in New Mexico.

As her equipment upgraded, so did her desire to capture even more of the natural beauty around her. She now spends free time traveling and shooting, trying to capture and share what nature has to offer.

Some of her work may be seen at the following site: jodyjo.photoswarm.com


Dave Norman: photography from Durango, Colorado